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Drunk Guy Tries To Break Board With His Face

Keyword: Tries I've done some really dumb things when I was drunk, but at least I never tried to put my face through a piece of lumber. 
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Man Spent $21,000 On Super Bowl Tickets, But Didn't Tell His Wife

I hope he has a comfy couch, because his ass is gonna be sleeping on it for a while. He said overall, the whole trip was probably going to cost him $30,000.  He probably should have set a...
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WATCH: Elton John Thinks Ben Stiller's 'Blue Steel' Looks Like Victoria Beckham's Permanent Expression

  Ben Stiller  showed  Elton John  his trademark "Blue Steel" pose from  Zoolander  on Friday's "Graham Norton Show,” and the singer joked that...
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Angry Fan Destroys TV Because Panthers Lose Super Bowl

I wouldn't trust him in a room with anything other than an old as hell tube TV from Goodwill after this.
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WATCH: This Is What Happens When You Stick Your Tongue In A Mouse Trap

The  Slow Mo Guys  kindly made this video showing what it looks like when a tongue is caught in a mouse trap. They did it so you wouldn't have to. Thanks, guys.
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Puppies Predict Super Bowl 50 Winner

9 puppies, two bowls of kibble, one Super Bowl winner. Them's the rules.  The puppies have spoken!
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News Anchor Loses It After Hearing Of 'Emergency Defecation'

A New Zealand news anchor absolutely could not pull herself together after a story that involved an 'emergency defecation' situation. She gave it a really good try, but nope. She was...
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Coyotes Are Getting High In California

Coyotes in California have been eating hallucinogenic mushrooms. Maybe on accident, or maybe they're just trying to have a good time. Who knows.
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WATCH: 35 Great Danes Walking In The Snow

Do 35 Great Danes count as a herd? Because they should.
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Spooky Tale in Japan: 'Ghost' Taxi Passengers Near Tsunami

( NEWSER ) – When a Japanese college student started corresponding with taxi drivers in Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture for her senior sociology thesis, some became...
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