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The Lumineers Release Video For 'Ophelia'

The second album, Cleopatra, drops April 8th.
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Linkin Park/Twenty One Pilots Mashup

I'm torn on this one! It's Linkin Park's 'Numb' with Twenty One Pilots' 'Fairly Local'.  Are you feeling it?
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Mother Livid After School Sends Home Daughter For Distracting Outfit

Brooke Fields was livid when her daughter was sent home because her outfit was distracting the boys in her class. According to  WMMT , Madyson, an 8th grader at Marshall Middle School in...
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PHOTO: David Bowie's Son Shares Baby News Just A Month After Icon's Death

Shortly before  David Bowie  passed away, he was treated with some amazing news, courtesy of his son  Duncan Jones . He and his wife  Rodene Ronquillo  were...
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PHOTO: Bats Get Revenge On Ozzy Osbourne's Family

It's taken a while -- just over 34 years to be exact -- but a member of the bat family has taken revenge on a member of the  Ozzy Osbourne   family.   { "position1" :...
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LISTEN: Robert & Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots Talk Search For New Lead Singer

After Chester Bennington told  Stone Temple Pilots  that he no longer had time to be their substitute head man, Robert and Dean DeLeo have begun their search for a new lead...
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Teacher Seen On Video Berating First Grader, Ripping Up Homework

  A teaching assistant who thought a teacher was way out of line caught this on video. The teacher berates a child for not doing her homework correctly, tearing up the paper and then...
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These Headphones Will Get You High

You can read all about them at Elite Daily , but basically you put in the headphones and the system "stimulates nerves triggering the production of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin to get...
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Lady Gaga Gets Patriotic Talking About Singing The National Anthem

This interview happened before the Super Bowl, and you can see how stoked she was to sing the national anthem.  “I’m really singing it from the heart and I’m also...
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High School Makes Incredibly Awkward Video Shaming Girls Into Dressing 'Appropriately' For Prom

So glad they put together this video to make sure the girls know not to come prom showing too much collarbone or ankle. Wouldn't want the boys to get worked up into a frenzy! Not on prom...
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