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WATCH: Girl Takes On Belly Buster Burrito Challenge And Wins

She's so tiny, but she's a pro at these eating challenges. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Hospital Ghost Caught On Video

Creepy! This was taken at a hospital in Honduras where a doctor committed suicide. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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WATCH: Wes Scantlin Arrested At His Own Show Saturday Night

Dude is a hot mess. I hope he gets help soon. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Could Scott Stapp Be The New Singer For Stone Temple Pilots?

Did not see that coming. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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POLL: Do You Hate It? Or Do You Love It?

DO YOU HATE IT? An hour of new releases, bands you may not have heard of but should probably be listening to, and a Texas Buzz feature. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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WATCH: How Deadpool's Mask Was Made

I never would have thought so much work would have to go into the mask. It's crazy! - @KarahOnTheRadio
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You Can Charge Your Phone With This Plant

This would be awesome if I was even a little capable of keeping a plant alive. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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LISTEN TO THIS: New Music From Young The Giant, 'Something To Believe In'

This is the first official single from their upcoming album Home of the Strange, out August 12th. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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WATCH: Air Drumming Is The New Fitness Craze

  If you think about most rock drummers, they are pretty fit, and there’s a reason for it – sitting being the kit is an intense job with lots of movement, sweat and...
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WATCH: 7-Year-Old Who Killed "Sweet Child O' Mine" Grows Up

Zoe Thomson  is incredibly talented and has been since she was just a few years old. Thanks to  YouTube , you can watch the amazing young guitarist and her skills grow. Most people...
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