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Oklahoma Court Rules: It's not Oral Rape if You're Unconscious from Drinking

An Oklahoma court ruled that oral sex is not rape if the victim is unconscious from drinking.  So what brought this ruling on? A unanimous decision by the state’s criminal appeals...
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First Listen, Blink 182 Track Bored To Death ...[Video]

Blink-182 have released Bored To Death, their first track to feature Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba in place of Tom DeLonge. The song comes from the band's upcoming 16-track album California,...
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Why Does This Woman Hang THESE On Her Wall?? This Woman is Real ...

This story is so true, I can't even .... (Mental Note: listen to the guy below say he leaves his on the ground for weeks! WHAT??) Can a guy be ratchet? He is the first! - Theresa...
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Dad Films Wife Pregnant Stomach, Baby Literally Shows Itself ... [Video]

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Theresa's FaceSwap Challenge: Can You Guess All Ten??

Can you name all 10-musicians that I have faceswapped with? I gave you some hints! Next week they will be harder.  - Theresa   Theresa's FaceSwap Challenge:  Can you name all...
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Guy Flashes Kid on Playground: Wait for It ... Wait for It ... [Video]

As a mother, I would kick his a$$ harder for giving me a heart attack ... //
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Watch What Happens at the end of this Faceswap ... [Video]

Can you guess which celebrities I Faceswapped with? //
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Mom Skeleton Found Embracing Baby Skeleton ...

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WHAT IS IT? Sea Creature Stumps Fishermen ... [Video]

Horrible creature crocodile bodied catching dolphins in fishing in the waters of Zhoushan, China Pictures emerged from the Chinese media show the mysterious creature seems to have a long beak like...
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WHAO! Guess Who? Can You Tell Who This Is????

This was spotted on Twitter. One of the best selfies of the week, I'd say ....   Something is happening in Hollywood tonight. — Patrick Stewart...
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